Recycled Plastic Lumber

Manufactured by

Bedford Technology , LLC
of Worthington, Minnesota

“ This is 100% High Density Polyethylene.
Contains NO wood by-products like chips or sawdust. ”

Direct from a U.S. manufacturing plant is a Green Environmentally Friendly – Non-Chemical – Maintenance-Free alternative to other wood and treated lumber outdoor recreational products. 100% Recycled Plastic Lumber is made from post-consumer plastic polyethylene, like pill bottles and milk cartons, to recycle protection for the environment of our modern world.

Recycled Plastic Lumber is available in two grades:

(1) “ FIBERFORCE ” STRUCTURAL Grade … which has strands of fiberglass reinforced in the plastic, thereby providing greater mechanical values for increased structural integrity, wider on-center applications, and upright tensile strength.
(2) “ SELECT ” NON-STRUCTURAL Grade … which is the same polyethylene without the fiberglass, where increased mechanical values are not required, and a more budget-friendly price is preferred.

These Plastic Lumber products are molded into hundreds of different Lumber and Timber sizes and lengths, and come in over a dozen different colors. Featuring a 50 year limited warranty, Recycled Plastic Lumber won’t rot or splinter, and is resistant to oils, chemicals, saltwater, termites, marine borers, and fungi. Plastic Lumber is also designed to retain its original color, and it meets many governmental requirements for minimal slip resistance. Applications include Boardwalks, Piers & Docks, Joists & Stringers, Seawalls & Bulkheads, Retaining Walls, Pedestrian Bridges, Bridge Fenders, Marine Piling-Posting Systems, and Trellises.

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